New: Images of a Myth


New: Images of a Myth

Naissance Musik is more than a label founded by HEAR, it is a collective – a collective from which any type of creation will spring up. Based on the freedom allowed by music, it will gather and mix any emotion, or superimposed emotions – whether spontaneous or reflected, organic or electronic. Music as an art form is also created from improvisation which is crucial in a composition process, just as the idea that music needs to be played live – this is why the label promotes vinyl for DJ sets and for the quality of sound.

The whole project of Naissance Musik is to tell stories that make people vibrate. Potentially through any type of music (which might include lyrics, images, classical instruments, samples, etc.) – the point is to go beyond what we know. From the drive of violence to the drive of love, from the tribal origins to the future.

Written by Manuel Benguigui


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HEAR & SAN PROPER - Elephantoms EP

Naissance Musik launches second release as a 12" vinyl EP by HEAR & SAN PROPER entitled 'Elephantoms'.

Listen to the track and more info


Released 10/2016

Naissance Musik kicks off with its first 12" vinyl release, distributed by DNP-musik, presenting Images of a Myth by Dream Scoring (Hakim Murphy & HEAR). 


TRACKS (click to listen)

A1: Silhouette                   B1: Blowed Out

A2: Motion Currents         B2: Story Catcher