...A simple drum and saxophone tune he heard in a ghost train amid fake skeletons when he was 3, and there it was: music had entered HEAR's life. He didn't know then, that he was going to be haunted for life…            words by Manuel Benguigui


HEAR is an unpredictable electronic music artist – producer, composer, label-owner + he has 15 years of experience as a DJ in many venues worldwide. From eclectic inspirations, he creates a modern type of music and mood that surprises and captivates any crowd. He discovers new ways in music everyday, triggering emotions through imagination. His music is cinematic, in the way that it tells stories to party, to dream and dance to.
The first time he DJyed at a family reunion, both his grandmothers – who hated each other – stood up from their wheel chairs and lost it on the dancefloor! Well, it's not exactly true -- they don't hate each other! The whole thing with HEAR is that his music is made of unpredictable narratives.

HEAR has released singles, a solo album and a record with Move D on Archiped. He then formed a band collaboration with Hakim Murphy named Dream Scoring and released the first EP on his own label Naissance Musik (Distributed worldwide by Diamonds and Pearls) and the second that is upcoming on Synapsis Records. He is also getting ready to release his new collaboration with San Proper that is also an EP on 12 " Vinyl (NM-02)

HEAR has played for festivals and Venues around the world amongst: Mutek, CTM, Piknic Electronic, Igloofest, Stereo, Watergate, Sisyphos Wintergarten, Hoppetosse, Loftus Hall, B018, Metro Kyoto...